All this talk in the media about public figures and hypocracy…between Haggard and Foley…

It's bad yes, but my question is:  Why is everyone so surprised?

They don't do it to lie to the world, they do it to lie to themselves.  So that they can convince themselves that they are still good people.  They become obsessed with championing the cause which they are most weak in.  It's a way of mastering your faults.  Not a good one, because it is a lie.  They were hoping they could fix themselves by pretending to be the opposite of what they were.

Again, not good, but how is this not understandable?

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  1. Good point.

  2. Politicians get ahead by stretching the truth in almost every breath they take. It's what we _expect_ and _want_ from them. Honest pol's do not get very far in life, and they shouldn't. Being a representative is all about embracing many more views than even s/he believes in; moral compromise. This is why we need a second half, a honest and morally-selfish half, to our government: the half of the people.

  3. Excellent point. The problem is that many do not care about any of that, it is just another opportunity to call Christians hypocrites.

  4. You may be right; however a person who attempts to master a personal fault through subterfuge and public denial should not be in public office. I don't think politicians are necessarily more hypocritical than the average person – they are just in a position that makes it likely their hypocrisy will be revealed.

  5. I wasn't defending these people. I agree with you. I was just confused over why people were so surprised.

  6. Yeah, there's not much to be surprised about anymore. LOL. It is confusing.

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