Suffering is Universal

Break the Same
MuteMath (edited for length)

The crowds roll by
And I'm falling in.
Everyone's invincible,
But its just

And we all freaked out.
What a shame
When only tears
how to remind us
We all break the same.

And everything we've built
Could be our demise.
the sticks and stones
That wear us down;
That often save our

The different stars tonight
will somehow fade the same,
all the tears we cry
Tell us we're made the same,
And when we fall
Let's hope we fall in place.
We built our different lives,
but they
all break the same.


Ah the universal experience of suffering.  I love this song, and I love it's implied complexity.  Sticks and stones wear us down and save our lives.  We often build our own demise, and through that, the path to our own salvation.  Nothing is as easy as good or bad.  But through all our differences, our struggles and pains are often exactly the same.  The question is, what do we do with that?  Do we ignore it to give ourselves a sense of control and superiority?  Or do we let the other's pain penetrate us and awaken us to solidarity and love?

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