Book Summary – The Unbearable Lightness of Being

So that we can easily go back and add to discussions, this post is simply a collection of all of the posts on this book.  Feel free to add more posts though, because I will go back and edit this if you add anything.

Discussions on The Unbearable Lightness of Being:

Lightness or Weight? – Which is preferable, lightness or weight?

Kitsch – What is kitsch? Also see Laura's post here.

– The devil's gift?

Body vs. Soul – Is there really a dichotomy?

Ben's Thoughts – The pursuit of lightness creates weight, and vice versa. (Dead link, as Ben has made his post private)

MeaningHow do we compose meaning in our lives?

Summary of Quotes/Topics
– Quotes/ideas from the book on a variety of topics.  Go here for ideas for new things you can post about.

American Beauty
– Relating the themes of Unbearable Lightness to the movie American Beauty.

ULB Opinion Poll – Share your favorite character, moment, etc!

ULB The Movie – Share your thoughts on the movie version of Unbearable Lightness. History of the movie by Laura here.

Kitsch, Utopia, and Collective ConsciousnessExploration of how we can really enact change in the world.

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  1. Thanks for doing this summary – very helpful.

  2. Very nicely done! Thank you!!

  3. I added your posts! Eventually I'll create a summary for the entire club that links to all of the index pages for each book and movie, and I'll keep a link to it in the group description so it will be easy to go back and find discussions! 😉

    • a
    • October 6th, 2007

    I think I have links on my current Vox back to my WordPress blog for most of what I've written based on the Analogical Imagination books and film. Do you want me to go back through and find those posts and add them to the Analogical Imagination? Or would that make things too messy at this point? Sorry I messed up your links here! (I was trying to find your post on Pilgrim and this was ahead of it even though it's Feb. 21. I still don't get how these group posts work!)

  4. I think I went back and changed most of them to link to your wordpress blog, but if you find any broken links, you could just let me know. :)And yeah, it's weird, every time you update a post it gets moved to the front, so every time I added a link, it became the most recent post. Oh well. 😉

    • a
    • October 6th, 2007

    There are lots of broken links here. I can't help with some of them but a few of them belonged to me so I can fill them in. (I added them back to analogical imagination but it put them at the front so won't do that for anything else unless you want me to.)Kitsch – Laura's thoughts hereAmerican BeautyHistory of the Movie by Laura here.(Ben's Thoughts; Summary of Quotes/Topics; and Kitsch, Utopia and Collective Consciousness are all broken, too – but I don't think those were started by me.)

  5. Thanks. 🙂

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