I need a new phone

My Treo broke, and by broke I mean fell and cracked the screen.  I never much liked it, mainly because I'm not a PDA type of person (I got it through my company). 

So now, what phone do I get?  And what service?  I'm thinking either Verizon or Cingular (currently on Cingular).

I'm not too impressed with either's phone selection, but then, I could always buy an (expensive) unlocked phone over the web.  I'm thinking of getting the Samsung D900 or the Motorola RIZR.

Anyone have any good phone recs?

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  1. I'm with Verizon… I don't not recommend them, they don't have bad service; the customer service could stand to be better, though, and compared to Cingular the coverage could also be better.If it were an option, I'd switch to Cingular. 🙂

  2. Good to know, thanks for the info.Also, FYI, we're reading the book you suggested, Brothers Karamazov, in the book club this time around. 😉

  3. No problem.I saw that! I'll have it finished within a few days; I'm excited. I shall discuss m'little brains out. 😀

  4. Ha! I won't be that quick, but feel free to post on it as soon as you're ready to! 🙂

  5. I'm a Sony Ericsson fan hehe… I'm currently using the W810i (it's not exactly the latest model but it can do everything that I want in a phone – call, send messages, store messages, play music and even take nice photos).

  6. This is what I have, and I LOVE it. http://www.motorolacellphonespower.com/motorola-krazr-2/

  7. In the past, I haven't liked Motorola phones much, but they look so sexy now… ;)I think I really want the Samsung D900 though…but it's not available through any of the networks. We'll see. I have to move on this soon though.

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