Muse at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Muse at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

What an experiece.  Wow.  There is no concert better than a Muse concert!  Matt Bellamy is a freakin god on the guitar!

We got to SF on Sunday, checked into our hotel, and had dim sum.  Mmmmm, dim sum. πŸ˜‰

We went to the DJ gig that night.  Unfortunately, we had to leave before Dom did his thing because it was 1 am and Rico had to work the next morning.  Oh well.  From other reports, we didn't really miss that much.  Also, apparently I was standing less than 5 ft away from judytuna and we didn't recognize each other.  Oh well.  We were totally going to hook up and chat, but we didn't organize it well enough.

Earlier that day, Carrie got out her tickets just to make sure they were there.  I then realized that I had completely forgotten to bring my tickets!  I freaked!  Luckily I still had time.  So on Monday morning I took Rico to work in San Carlos, and then drove down to SJ to get the tix.  Got back by about 10:30, just in time to get ready and check out of the hotel.  Whew.  Crisis averted.  Imagine if I hadn't realized until a few minutes before the show!!

The Line

As soon as we were checked out of the hotel, we went to go stand in line.  Yep, at 11 am.  We met some really cool people.  Katie was there by herself, so we invited her to play cards with us and chat and such.  She handpaints Vans shoes to make some extra cash.  She had on Origin of Symmetry shoes, and showed us the pair she'd painted for Matt.  Here are some of the shoes shes made:


Very cool.  If she posts a picture of the ones she made for Matt, I'll post it here too.  It was awesome.  Black shoes that fade to green towards the front with a futuristic cityscape on the top, being flooded by water with red crashing waves at the toe.  If she got them to him, I'm sure he loved them!

If you like her work, check out her site here.  Help get her to Wembley!

The people in front of us were cool too.  One was actually reading about classical history!  Of course, what would you expect from hardcore Muse fans?  Of course they're intelligent! Muse is "rock for clever people." πŸ˜‰

They also really helped us out in the concert, but we'll get that later.

Rico met us up there after work with about 15 minutes to spare.  It was close.  Doors open, I manage to get through rather quickly and sieze a spot on the barricade/rail.  Luckily I was able to save enough space for our whole party, and aforementioned history guy and his group were right next to us.  We were in the very front and to the left, about 10 ft from where Matt would soon be rocking out!

I went to go get my merchandise.  I bought two tshirts, the grey one with the winged spaceman, and the green girly one.  Unfortunately at some point during the concert these shirts got stolen, so I wasted my $60. 😦


The openers were Immigrant, a crazy mustache-filled band that wasn't half bad. Click the link to hear their music.  Not bad, and the keyboardist had an amazing mustache! πŸ˜‰

I'd also seen them the previous night at the club, and they were much better at the concert.  Probably had something to do with sound quality and the size of the stage/crowd.


I have to say: wow.  I've seen Muse before.  But this night, they were
on fire!  First of all, it was the longest setlist I've ever heard.  I
got a glimpse of it before the show from one of the staff.  I knew the
last two songs were Plug In Baby and Knights of Cydonia.  I kept
waiting for them to start, and they kept *not starting.*  It was
ridiculously awesome!

Here's the setlist:

Take A Bow


Supermassive Black Hole

Map Of The Problematique <~~~ from our show

Butterflies And Hurricanes


Sing For Absolution

Citizen Erased


Feeling Good


Blues Jam <~~~ From LA show

Time Is Running Out

New Born

—– First Encore

Soldier's Poem <~~~ video thanks to judytuna


Kaoss Jam
<~~~ video thanks to judytuna (you MUST check this out)

Stockholm Syndrome

—– Second Encore

City Of Delusion <~~~ video thanks to judytuna

Plug In Baby

Knights Of Cydonia

Yes, that's right, TWENTY SONGS (22 if you count the Blues and Kaoss
jams).  They played for a full TWO HOURS. This is not heard of,
especially in the States.

Fun Moments

Right before the blues jam, someone threw a cowboy hat onto the stage.  Perfect timing!  Matt picked it up and played the blues jam with it on, and then threw it back into the audience!

Spinny circles during Plug In Baby and in a couple other songs!

The freaking Kaoss Jam!  It was incredible.  He did the whole thing on his guitar, and it sounded like some kick ass electronica music!  Go look at Judy's video of it, it really was incredible!

As Judy also said, the vocals on Hoodoo were absolutely flooring.  Haunting and beautiful and just…brilliant.

Not So Fun Moments

Getting hit in the back of the neck by a crowdsurfer, hard.  The one time I hadn't gotten my arm up there in time.

Having my tshirts stolen. 😦

Some guy being a complete douche and provoking one of the guys I was with to the point that he earned himself a well earned death threat.

General pushiness.  It was a *really* rough show, although it wasn't so bad for me because I'm am freaking lucky.  Between my man, Carrie and her man, and the people we met in line, I was pretty well protected.  There was just this skinny ass girl next to me with hipbones that dug into my thigh and hurt like hell.  I got back at her by angling my leg so that my knee dug into her thigh for most of the concert. πŸ˜‰

I can't tell you how much going to a concert like this makes me love my boyfriend to death.  He works so hard to protect me, and I know he doesn't like it.  But he definitely makes me feel safe, and it makes me feel incredibly loved.  Thanks baby!

Picture Time!

I know I already posted the best pics, but there were some not so good ones that now look good thanks to some editing.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Grunge Set:


This one came out really awesome.  Only his hand and the guitar came out clearly, the rest was blurry, so I emphasized the blurry and softened it up.  It came out really cool.

Matt really likes to mess with the sounds of feedback, and somehow makes it sound awesome.  This picture came out really blurry, but for some reason his face is actually in focus.  There's a close up sepia version in my collection, which is linked at the bottom.

Some other nice touched up photos:


And the sepia set:


If you want check out the rest of them, take a look at this collection of editted pics:

And that's my review!  What an amazing band.  I can't believe how fortunate I was to have seen them in such a great venue and with such great energy!  I'm a little sore, a little deaf in my left ear, and a lot tired, but it was so worth it!

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  1. Sounds incredible but frustratingly haven't got time to look through everything properly. ARGGH Will do so at my earliest convenience and post a proper comment. (I'm not going to be able to live up to this post with my Wembley report 'specially as they don't allow camera's into gigs over here so I'll probably only be able to catch a couple with my camera phone that doesn't have a zoom)

  2. No worries. ;)Yeah we thought they wouldn't allow cameras in this one, but apparently they were okay with it, and my bf just happened to bring our camera. Coincidences for the win!

  3. great post!!

  4. Wow, I'm sooo jealous! Fantastic pictures, too. The set list looks great – Hoodoo was a huge highlight when I saw them last year (and hopefully will be again this year), so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  5. I almost lost my camera when they came to Malaysia and was close to being trampled.So thank goodness you're okay.Beautiful pictures, of course.

  6. Thanks! I had a lot of fun!

  7. It really was a highlight. I love that song! And the all piano version is amazing. πŸ™‚

  8. Yeah it was really rowdy, apparently more so than normal if you read other people's reviews. I was so lucky to have my crew of bodyguards! πŸ™‚

  9. Nice–I almost went to this show, but I'll be seeing them at Lollapalooza this year. (I saw them last year in Austin and had a great time.) Agreed that Bill Graham can get rough. I saw all three Pearl Jam shows last year there, and it was intense up front. (and PJ played for 2 1/2 hours–I was worn out afterwards.)

  10. Awesome! I would consider seeing them at Lollapalooza (I have family there), but something tells me I won't be able to get the vacation time. Oh well. This show was awesome! πŸ˜‰

  11. OMG OMG OMG thanks for this, I'm counting the days until Wembley. Something tells me that they may have been testing out a longer set for their Wembley gig…You are so brave going to the front. I've only ever done that once and that was years ago and at the old Wembley. There were times when my feet weren't actually touching the ground and I had to get pulled out of the crowd by security to prevent being crushed. I'm only 5' 1" and a bit! Now I stay safely in the seats where I can actually see what's going on and don't fear for my life.

  12. A Muse post on my Birthday. Thank you.

  13. MUSE! Wow! Beyond amazing. Can't believe I missed their gig in LA. I love your post.

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