Discussion Summary: Brothers Karamazov

Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

I've decided to make this post, even though we're not done with the book.  There have been so many posts on it that I thought it would be helpful to get it going. 🙂

So, for posterity, here are the links to all of discussions we've had thus far on Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.


Active Love – Zosima's talk with the woman of little faith.

Brief Comment on Alexei Fyodorvich

Jason identifies with Ivan's religious struggles.

Before-and-after shares her favorite parts of the book.

The Devil and Ivan Karamazov – Laura shares a video depiction of Ivan's conversation with the devil in his mind.

Love – A bit on love, doesn't relate directly to the book, but was inspired by it.

Professor Herbert Dreyfus’ lectures on Brothers Karamazov from the webcast for his class Existentialism in Literature and Film. Part 1Part 2Part 3.1Part 3.2Part 4Conclusion

Can morality exist without God?  Draconem posts a discussion about it.

Brothers Karamazov and Kierkegaard's Levels of DespairLaura discusses how the characters in the book relate to Kierkegaard's conception of despair. (vox won't let me unbold this)

The Grand Inquisitor

Utterly Humbled By Mystery – "How strange that the very word "faith" has come to mean its exact

Jesus' Ways vs. Worldly Ways – Huston Smith helps us understand the Grand Inquisitor (This link may be broken)

Only We Who Guard the Mystery Will Be Unhappy – A scene from a play by Tony Kushner that discusses the Grand Inquisitor

of the chapter, and a discussion on the role of Jesuits in the Spanish Inquisition

Deliver Us From Evil – A discussion about the documentary of Catholic molestation scandal and the response of different denominations to scandal in general.  Relates directly to the two sides of the discussion in the Grand Inquisitor.

Charles B. Guinon's takePart 1Part 2 – Laura summarizes Guinon's interpretation of The Grand Inquisitor, and gives insight into the historical context surrounding it and Dostoevsky's intentions regarding it.

Not Cut Out For Religion
– A modern day Grand Inquisitor using spoken word poetry to talk about the commercialization of religion.

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