Fourth of July

We had a lot of fun.  We went up to a family friend's house in the hills and watched the whole bay area's fireworks!  Very cool.  And the homemade fried chicken was to die for.

There were so many kitties!  Here's three of them:

GarfieldCan *you* do this?Super Duper!

I couldn't take pictures of the fireworks as they were small from our distance and because my camera sucks at night (or rather, I suck at using it at night).  But!  Here are some amazing sunset pictures!

4th of July 0394th of July 0464th of July 070

Hope yours was great too!

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  1. Beautiful, nothing like a sunset 🙂

  2. That sounds fun. I had a friend who lived in the hills of San Diego and we used to sit at her pool and watch fireworks all around the San Diego area. (I miss that!) We live outside the city limits in Texas now and every year we do the same thing – go to a neighbors house for a pool party and go to my sister in-laws house for her neighborhood rock and roll party. (She has a neighbor who is in a band and they always give a concert in the culdesac). The teens and dads give the fireworks show on the street. It scares me and drives our dogs crazy – especially the toughest one of the bunch.

  3. I love setting off fireworks. They're pretty hard to come by over here, though. I miss them. Hopefully next year we'll make the drive. 😉

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