New Muse Album?

Muse DVD of Wembley and Parc des Prince scheduled for before Christmas this year.

And from MuseLive:

Moreover, in an interview given last May to Rock Mag and published in
this month's issue, Matthew confirmed that he has begun to work on a
new album and new songs, some more in line with electronic or "dance"
music and others more with classical or symphonic music (the band is
thinking of hiring an orchestra for some of them).

Yet, these new songs will probably not be played live during this tour,
since the band wishes to keep them all fresh and new. Matthew also
revealed that the next album should be produced by the band itself, in
order to have more freedom.

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  1. OMG…can't wait to listen to their new album….

  2. me neither!

  3. My son is so mad at me. Muse is playing at the Austin City Limits festival this year and I snoozed and missed out on getting the tickets. We would have been able to see Amy Winehouse and White Stripes, too because they are all playing on the same day.

  4. That would have been great! I love all three bands! ;)Well, they're playing a show at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prarrie, not sure how close/far that is from you. And if you have the money to spend, you could always try 😉

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