Time to Time

It happens from time to time.
I spend a lot of my time reading about and discussing religion.
As my beliefs can sometimes be a bit non-traditional as far as metaphysics and cosmology go, I spend a lot of time helping people understand that part of my view, especially atheists and analytic philosophers.
I don't like that.
When I start discussing metaphysics too much, I feel so disconnected.
I almost want to tell people that it doesn't matter, that other things are more urgent and more live-giving than arguing about what is at the center of the universe.
But when I tell people that, they want to know why, and the discussion goes all metaphysical again.

I feel connected when we talk about the common things, when we talk about joy, consolation, and bliss.
But even more so when we talk about pain, suffering, and the struggle to find meaning…not in the universe, but in our lives.
I feel most connected when I talk about those times when joy and suffering become inseparable and intertwined.
These things feel real.

I guess I'm suffering from abstraction.

I miss the finite.

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  1. Perhaps you need to take a step back and have a tall, cool one.

  2. In a way, I share your confusion.I read fiction and philosophy. I think about "heavy" questions and try to make my friends understand my thoughts. However, I cannot escape from the feeling that metaphysics is not directly related to real life… Trying to explain to others that literature and philosophy matter needs metaphysical discussions, too.Perhaps it is necessary to strike a balance between metaphysical discussions and real life concerns.

  3. Oh definitely. It's only the times when I feel like people are concerned with metaphysics to the point of exclusion of the practical concerns that I feel disconnected. When it's rooted in the finite, I feel much much better. Balance *is* key. 😉

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