How did I miss this?

Video interviews with people in the fields of philosophy, religion, and science!  Tons of them!  People like Huston Smith, Karen Armstrong, Daniel Dennett, and John Polkinghorne!  Yes!

Meaning Of Life . TV

Go forth and think! 😉

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  1. Excellent link. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great find!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the link!

  4. (No need to post this) I just had to connect the dots with someone who thinks like me (read your profile). And thank you for the link.
    Should you have the time, I'd love for you to share your 'meaning of life' answer on the Contact page of my site: and invite all who read this. In my own Pollyanna way, I believe if we can get enough people thinking about what's truly important in life we can motivate a "mind shift" in society. (One can hope…)

  5. Thanks for visiting! I went to your site and read around a bit. I like a lot of what you wrote. At first I was a bit turned off just because, if you're going to write a book and sell it, it's going to have to be marketed to appeal to the masses, and usually what appeals to the masses doesn't appeal to me. I had to kind of force myself to read deeper, and I'm glad I did.I didn't fill it out, because I think that while the spur of the moment spontaneous thing is right on the nose, I also think language is poorly insufficient to explain something so intricate. I'm afraid I could never get out everything I'd like to. 🙂

  6. Hi there!
    Right back at you…Thank you for reading through my site. And thanks for the giggle…because I so get what you mean about 'the masses'. (I'm one who swims upstream a lot.)
    And by the way, I so loved that you were honest with me when you said that you were "at first a bit turned off." I highly value your courage to tell the truth. You are indeed an example for others to follow!
    I'm afraid that because 'the masses' like to buy books on diet, getting rich, finding a man/woman, or the latest "bleed lead" book or celeb book, it will take some time for the readers of my book to ignite the "word of mouth" push. But it certainly is starting!
    It's funny…when my family and friends read my book, of course they all said they really like it because they like/love me…so their comments didn't count, ha! But when I received my first "real" review (see book's page on Amazon), then I knew the book's message was indeed touching the Spirit iof others. So, onward and upward…
    If you'd like to review my book for your community, I'd love to send you a free copy. If interested, contact me:
    P.S. And consider your self lucky…If I would have met you in person and asked you the meaning-of-life question, I don't think I would have let you off the hook so easily 🙂 I get a sense that you definitely know your answer…and you know the exact words to use. Sorry, your intelligence shines through! As long as you tell yourself your answer, I'm a happy camper!
    Thanks again for the note!

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