David Lynch – Mulholland Dr.

I finally managed to see Mulholland Dr. this weekend!  Wow, this was not at all what I expected, seeing as I had never seen a David Lynch film.

As a warning for some people, there is a lot of really graphic sex in this movie, and it's between two women.  I know that will rule it out for some of you, and for others it might make you want to watch the movie more. 😉

I'm not going to spoil anything for those who haven't watched it…I'll go into an in depth analysis in a week or so.

Suffice to say…get ready to be confused as heck.  Lynch himself didn't reveal anything about the meaning except for ten cryptic clues, pasted below.

But don't dismiss it off hand because it's confusing.  We'll work it out.  There are an incredible number of theories about this movie, and I look forward to being able to discuss them!

For those who have already seen it, do you have any theories?

Lynch's Ten Clues:

  1. Take a good look at the beginning of the movie, two important hints are given already before the opening title.

  2. When and where do red lamp screens play a role?

  3. Pay attention to the name of the movie Adam Kesher is re-casting actresses for. Does the title appear somewhere else as well?

  4. Take a good look at the crash site (where the car accident happened).

  5. Who is giving whom a key, and why?

  6. Pay attention to clothing, the ash-tray and the coffee cup.

  7. Who do you take notice of in the club "Silencio"? what can you feel, see and get out of this place?

  8. Is it only Camilla's talent that helps her?

  9. Pay attention to the things happening around the man behind Winkies.

  10. Where is Aunt Ruth?

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    • M
    • September 10th, 2007
  1. No I haven't seen Blue Velvet, but I've been meaning to! It's one of those films I really know I should see but haven't found the time to yet. :)Also, when we picked it for the book club, I had no idea what it was about. Now that I've seen it I understand why you're careful recommending it. 😉

    • a
    • September 17th, 2007

    Thanks for the clues. I think I managed to catch most of them, although I'm not sure I paid very close attention to what was going on with the man behind Winkies and potentially only caught one of the clues at the beginning of the movie (I can't imagine what the second would be.). This is what I didn't follow – how did the boggled hit scene fit in with the rest of the movie? What was the significance of the man at the beginning of the movie explaining the film he had had two times. Also, is there any significance besides just providing a way to show that Diane has been missing for Diane and the woman in 12 to have swapped apartments? Had she and Diane been an item? Did Louise show up anywhere else in the movie? Is she the woman with Blue Hair in Club Silencio? Or is that Ruth? Do we know who she is?? And also, what was the significance of the first Camilla Rhodes kissing the second Camilla Rhodes? Those are the pieces that I had trouble fitting together.

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