The Tasering: My opinion

Everyone is all up in arms about the student who got tasered at the John Kerry Q&A.  I might get crap for being insensitive and just what is wrong with America, but I think he deserved exactly what he got.

Here's the video of the students actual question.  Notice that the security guards are already there.  That's because this particular student had been causing trouble since he got there, and insisted on making his way to the front of the line, cutting in front of everyone to ask his oh so important question.

Notice how he doesn't react when they tell him his time is up?  Notice how when the cut the mike he just talks louder?  Notice how when they ask him to leave he doesn't?  It's not the questions that he was asking that made the cops take him away, it was his behavior.

Notice the applause as he was being taken out.  I would have applauded right along with them! 🙂

Then, on the way out, he blows everything out of proportion.  It's like in soccer when an athlete barely gets touched by the opposite team and then starts rolling around on the floor, faking the pain to try to get the referee to give the other guy a card.  Yeah, that's what this guy was doing.

He knows what he did wrong.  It's pretty freaking obvious.  He just keeps asking what he did to make it all seem worse than it is.   I might be insensitive, but I don't buy it for a second.

All of this over-dramaticizing is probably what led the guards to taser him.  Now, I probably wouldn't have done that, but seriously, that guy needed to shut up.

There are also rumors that this guy does this at multiple events to try to get attention.  Apparently he's looking to get a gig on TV along the lines of Jackass.

And guess what?  He succeeded in making most of America thing those guards were inhuman and cruel!  He got the attention he was craving.  HE WON.

I'm sorry, I know many of you will probably disagree with me.  But seriously, this thing is no big deal and was blown way out of proportion.

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    • Six
    • September 19th, 2007

    They didn't have to taser him. There were like 10 cops there. That's the only stupid thing. I dunno what mainstream media is doing with it, I dun watch, but I'd almost certainly agree with you that they're skewing and blowing the thing out of proportion. That's what I think they always do.

  1. First I've heard of this, but I've been stuck in a bubble the past few weeks. Anyway, I agree with you.

  2. Yes. And the media could be giving more coverage to the Jena Six situation IMO. I noticed today: yahoo's front page and the national CBS news finally showed something on the Jena. Prior to that, I had not seen anything. I don't get cable television and I guess I don't read enough news but for this wanker to be all over the place while a year has gone by in Jena without me learning of it until two days ago (the latter is something that provokes a strong reaction)? It's like the diaper-wearing astronaut coverage or Anna Nicole. Sure, that’s news in someone’s opinion but it’s not life-changing, human rights that applies to all of us.

  3. Being tasered for being loud and speaking longer than allowed is a bit too Orwellian to be OK. Fine, ask the guy to stop and carry him out if he refuses (I'm guessing it was some kind of private venue?), but using a weapon on him? It's not like he was a threat to anyone's physical safety. Would you be fine with that kind of solution if the verbal abusee had been, say, George W. Bush? I'd jump at the opportunity to shout stuff at your monkey in command, but not if I risked being tasered for it.I don't know your political alignment. Maybe you're a republican, in which case you being fine with using tasers to silence dissidents makes perfect sense :).

  4. My whole point was that there was no verbal abusee. This wasn't a case of someone speaking out against a politician and getting punished for it.It was a case of a troublemaker who had been giving the guards shit from the beginning, disrupting the peace. This was just the last straw. He was warned multiple times, and *he* escalated the situation. His mouth was saying one thing but his body language was saying something completely different. He resisted arrest, and kept struggling even when warned to go peacefully.If he had wanted, he could have stopped at any moment…but no. He wanted the attention.And no, I'm not a Republican. I just think he is responsible for his own actions, and his actions are what led to what happened to him. No politically motivated anything.If he *had* been innocent, or if he *had* been taken away for political reasons, I'd be just as mad as you are. 🙂

  5. I'd have to say I'm definitely with Kristen all the way on this one (and I'm not a Republican either).

  6. This is a clear example of police brutality using a taser to cover up their own incompetence. The question is not whether the guy deserved to be escorted out but about how the police handled it. Instead of doing a professional job of cuffing the guy and dragging him out for arrest they tasered him while he was pinned to the floor. He was not a danger to either himself, to the audience, or to the police.

  7. On an emotional level, I'm with you – the guy was clearly being an ass, and got what he deserved. What I have a problem with, I guess, is the use of weapons in a political context. There were, obviously, other options available to the security people, options more appropriate when handling a rampant agitator. I'm not saying he was taken away for political reasons, but he was a participant in a political context, and he got tasered.

  8. I'm with SpiritSeeker on this one. The police were at fault, tasering was absolutely not the best way of dealing with the situation. As you pointed out, the guy was looking to make trouble, he was trying to get a reaction from the police, or Kerry. He wasn't trying to make a political point (at least, not one included in his questions), he was using the system against itself. His actions did not highlight the questions he was asking of Kerry, as they would always be fore-shadowed by the trouble he created (as i would assume he was aware, given the past you alluded to). If the police had been smart, and had been intending to allow the questionning to continue peacefully (which, one assumes, is their role as protectors of the peace) then they would have removed him from the auditorium and dealt with him outside, rather than keeping him on full show and full volume in the conference, highlighting both his presence, and the police's methods. Their actions subverted the discussion at hand more than the idiot's actions. He would have been forgotten in a second if it were not for the tasering.Now, yes the idiot's actions may have been the root cause for the disruption, but this is precisely why the police are there at all – to keep the influence of idiots to the lowest possible level. For me, they played right into his handsps. this is moomoosnake from the wdyb boards 🙂

  9. Yay! You're here!And yeah, when you put it that way, they did play into his hands. But then, it seems that so did the rest of America. 😉

  10. Also, let me know if you need any help learning the ropes over here. 🙂

  11. Thanks, i might well do that 🙂

  12. Maybe it's because I'm no longer in America – but I can't see how America played into his hands. Americans should be concerned when the police are idiotic enough to "play into the hands" of a nuisance like him.If Americans are in uproar about this incident, they should be – otherwise it's like giving the police a free pass for being stupid. This is a minor incident compared to some even more serious mistakes that have been made in the past by the police – if the officers are incompetent, they have no place in keeping the public peace.Resorting to violence was needless, regardless of how disruptive he was. There is a fine line and indeed, giving the police enough power to use their own discretion in handling situations is important in their line of work but using a taser demonstrated that the officers on the scene were unable to keep their cool when public order depended on it.Nonetheless, I also agree with mad-tante – the Jena 6 is a far more significant event taking place on American soil. I am not surprise there is little coverage on it though.

  13. I agree with what lightandstorm said origanaly. the guy was being a jerk. he was politly (from the body languidge of the policeman, I couldn't hear the words themselves.) told his time was up, and he reacted with yelling "What, can't I talk for two minoutes?" blowing it way out of preportion. yes, the tasering was a bad idea, but he was screaming and flailing. if they had not tasered him, they probubly would have had to cuff him (probubly not easy when he is flailing) then, assuming he continued his behavior, they would have had to bodily carry him out of the room, with him yelling and kicking all the way. there was a good chance someone would have gotten hurt. a policeman clearly said "if you do not stop, you will be tasered." he responded rudely and negitively. the police tasered him. what is the problem? if a policeman says to you "stop what you are doing." and you don't stop, then you are a likely canidate for a Darwin Award. (
    also, I have a question. where did they take him? what happened to him next? does anyone know?

  14. Had he been on the other side, I'd guess Guantanamo. Where they take noisy Republicans, I don't know, but I hope college.:)

  15. ha ha ha. realy though, does anyone know what happened to him? I am not very fermillier with the laws involved in this, and I don't realy know what spicific crime he is being charged with. did he get a warning, a jail term, death row, somewhere in between? I don't watch the news very often, so I havn't seen any stories about this.

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