New glasses.

I love how they look…but I think they are giving me headaches.  My prescription only changed very very slightly, and the computer said I didn't need a change at all.  I'm starting to think maybe the computer was right.

Do you think it will cost me extra money to get the lenses redone?

I give it another couple days to see what happens.  Maybe I'll get used to them?

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  1. I tend to get a few headaches when I get new prescription lenses. I can even feel the difference between my contacts and glasses which are only very slightly different strength.

  2. how long do they usually last?

  3. For new glasses then one to three days depending on how much my prescription has changed and from contacts to glasses then it usually settles down within an hour or two depending on how much I've been wearing them.If you are worried go back to the optician as I'm sure they will be able to put your mind at rest.

  4. Thanks. It's been like four years since I got my last pair, so I forgot what it is like. Hopefully it will get better. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I'd usually wait two days, and if they don't adjust then take them back. I had to do that with my last pair.

  6. an Optometrist in training here. The headaches are due to your eyes accomodating (lens changing power) to a greater extent, especially when looking at things near, like reading a book or using a computer.I'm assuming both You and Lexcorpninja are short-sighted aka near-sighted (without glasses you can't see things afar). Short-sighted means your eyes are too powerful, this means things which are far away seem blurry, as light rays bouncing off objects from afar and entering your eyes are parallel and therefore not much power is needed to bend (converge) the light to a point on the retina. So the optician prescribes you glasses which a have negative power (diverging lens) so when looking at things which are afar, your eyes with the combination of your spectacles can focus the light by the right amount so as to come to a point on your retina (back of the eye). So then, when Lecorpninja was wearing her glasses she was getting head aches because for objects which are near, the light rays are already convergent so greater power is required by the eyes to converge the rays to a point, and the eye does this by loosening the lens in the eye as to make it thicker, therefore increasing it's power, which seems to be putting greater strain on your eyes which is giving you a headache. As for the difference between your contacts and spectacles, there is a difference due to the physics which is really long winded and i shan't explain. In layman's terms, your contacts are in contacts with your eye (cornea to be precise) hence usually it gives you greater headaches, where as spectacles lenses, the lens is not in contact with the eye as there is air either side of the lens which generally tends to put less strain on your eyes. There's also a difference in the image you see wearing contacts which you might notice as opposed to the image you see wearing spectacles of the same power. But that's also just long winded physics.I needed this release. I rarely get to write about what I study.

  7. Nicely explained, thanks.

  8. Thanks for all the info and comfort. The new glasses don't give me headaches anymore! 🙂

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