Origin of Theology

"Sometimes the mystic feels that this Spirit, this ultimate Reality, is
inseparable from the immediate contents of daily experience, and on the
basis of this intuition is often erected the theology of pantheism or
immanentism. At other times he experiences Reality as something
immeasurably other than himself and all created things, as a Being
infinitely great, holy and splendid, before whom the world as we know
it appears ugly, gross, and evil. From this intuition comes the
theology of transcendence, or else the common corollary of pantheism –
the doctrine of the illusory universe. Again, there are times when
Reality presents itself to him as something so alive and intelligent
that he feels himself to be in communion with a person. At other times
he is so impressed with its infinitude and mystery that anything so
suggestive of man as personality seems an unthinkable limitation.

of these apparently paradoxical elements will have their place in a
truly complete mysticism, in a full experience of union with God."

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