Happy Death

We're not dead.

I'm not, at least.  I just have been having a tough time getting into this book, or any for that matter.  🙂

Feel free to keep reading and posting your own thoughts though!

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    • December 10th, 2007

    I haven't even started the book yet! I have two I want to finish first – I'm almost through with both.

  1. It's funny because the things I feel drawn to right now are either fluffier or more technical than this book. I know it's probably a consequence of where I'm at mentally and emotionally rather than the book itself. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

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    • December 10th, 2007

    I'm in a totally different space at the moment, too although I do plan to read it.I'm reading a crazy book called the Myth of Enlightenment. I imagine it's like The Power of Now. Not exactly fluffy, but not exactly deep, either. And I've also been reading Rilke's poetry. Neither require long term attention – I can read them in short spurts. I also finally figured out a way to import my blog into vox. (That's about as technical as I get. :)) I've been trying since I first was invited to vox to get this to work and it's always been a total mess so I just end up frustrated and deleting everything and trying again. It seems to have worked beautifully this time. It required a few tweaks but I like the results. (It's put all of my posts at the front of analogical imagination again because I've been trying to coordinate the tags with the stuff from my blog. Sorry about that!)

  2. I don't mind, it makes us look like we have more recent activity when in fact we've been slacking. 😉

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