Mind, Matter, or God?

  1. It's too bad that contemplation and meditation, and really exploring what religion means to you as an individual and what belief is, and all the really good things in this article, it's too bad that they are not really associated with Christianity at all. that's pretty disappointing–not in the author, but in my fellow Christians. Then end of the article talks about labels, and labeling things to make them make sense in our lives. Instead of prescribing to the labels, if we stopped doing that, what a difference! this articled motivates me to reclaim religion for me, and not think of it as how other people, or our culture, or social pressures, define it for me. When people read articles like this, it can generate the radical individualization of religion and religious meaning. Which will be wonderful.Though, i do think that it needs to be balanced out with unity, and congregationalism, and maybe some of the 'labels'.just some ramblin' thoughts.also, i think ken wilbur said it in the article, but someone said that buddhism is more about practices and rituals than belief. while i'm not entirely sure if that is true, i don't think it necessarily is, i like my religious rituals and practices to be based on beliefs and principles; to have more meaning than 'this is good for you,' otherwise it just feels like a diet or something.

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