Yes We Can

  1. I totally copied this idea.

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    • February 20th, 2008

    Perhaps for you young 'uns. My husband and I will likely vote for Obama – but this sort of video might make us think twice. Too much idealism is a scary thing in the world of the "middle-aged" and it's the middle-aged that drives conservativism. There is a balance and I think Obama strikes it although this video doesn't represent the balance. But if this gets the idealistic younger voters out to vote – more power to it!! It is almost always the younger generations that make the greatest changes!

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    • February 20th, 2008

    BTW – the big debate between Clinton and Obama takes place in my hometown tomorrow night. (Or at least the my wannabe hometown of which I live in the suburb.) Can't wait! There were only 100 tickets available and 43,000 people were trying to get those tickets. I'm stuck having to watch it on TV. 😦 (But I still can't wait!)

  2. Yeah generally I am a bit wary of his idealism and epicness. He has a tendency to make everything feel like history making…which makes me a bit uneasy. But I dunno I just kind of liked how that video was done. I couldn't handle the speech by itself, it made me a bit queasy, but this was pretty cool.That's awesome that the debate is in your hometown! 🙂

  3. I think it's well done and inspirational.

  4. i agree about the vid, kristen. i'm a sucker for inspirational things like that. maybe i see them as sentimental, or something, but i don't know. anytime people come together like that, it makes me lumpy-throated. unless it's like the kkk, or something, then i just get annoyed.

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