A feminist’s view of Firefly

I got pissed as hell reading this post about how Firefly is degrading to women.  What the hell?

Feel free to agree with her or disagree with her in the comments.  I'm not going to write out my response at the moment.  I love this show too much…

Things like this make me hate feminists.  And I know there is a legitimate philosophical way to be a feminist and I'm totally cool with that.  But seriously…calm the fuck down.

Firefly is, in my opinion, one of the best shows I've ever seen.  Ever.

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  1. Oh. My. God.She's all on fire about feminism and overtly racist at the same time. Does not compute.She's an idiot and not worth responding to. She went into the show with her opinions already decided. It's clear she merely looked for points to support her preconceived notions. Joss Whedon is one of the most feminist dudes in the world. His biggest hero ever is a woman, for crying out loud!Thanks for sharing this. I have some friends who will find it very… entertaining.

  2. Oh my God, I can't believe you would defend such an unconscionably sexist piece of filth! Joss Whedon is obviously a pervert who hates women, as are all writers and readers of sci-fi. It's inherently degrading to women, what with the weird hair and the PVC outfits and such, and it should be banned. Banned, I tell you!!1!Banned!!!ELEVENTY!!!1!…Yah, I can't pull off a feministy rant, even for an April fool's joke. Oh well. I tried. //Happy April 1

  3. Yes! Firefly FTW. Best show on Earth. And it's not degrading to women. That's just stupid.

  4. Now you know what happems when stupid people (men or women) depend on ideology instead of thinking for themselves… God, she was boring…

  5. I have to admit while I was reading all the dialog quotes I was remembering back to some of my favorite episodes, scenes, and again affirming my deep love for all things Whedon. This woman is seriously out of her gourd. Sad that she can't appreciate good things even right in front of her.

  6. In fairness she's a "Radical Feminist". Identifying oneself as a "Feminist" is a little like identifying oneself as an "American", in that it's a vague blanket term that covers a lot of ground, and a lot of different regional and political variations. So to speak. Many Americans would object to being lumped in with GWBush, just as a lot of Feminists would object to being lumped in with women like her. Because she's scary.

  7. Wow. You said fuck 🙂
    Tee hee.

    Joss Whedon has always written works about the power of females.
    It is one of the underlying themes of his work, right?
    It does seem themes have become a theme in and of themselves this evening.

  8. I actually tend to swear quite a bit. 🙂

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