Mt. Eden

There really is nothing like a good bike ride.  I really wasn't feeling it to start, I was kinda down and there had been an event that made me kind of depressed.   Plus it was windy and kinda cold.

But today I ended up having a lot more power and energy than I thought I would.  I hadn't eaten anything for lunch, and so that was a little tough, but I ate a cliff bar and had some of those little gummy energy block things at various points during the ride. 

We went up Mt. Eden and then up Pierce Rd.  This was my first major climb!  And yeah, it was fucking hard, but I did it and I didn't do it all that badly.  At one point there was this place where it was at a 13%ish grade and I had to get up out of the saddle to keep going, and every pedal stroke felt like my last…but I made it up. 

I'm pretty happy with my performance actually.  I feel really good for having done it.

Overall: 22 miles (not too long) with about a 1600 ft total ascent.

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  1. Nice! I hope to start biking this summer.

  2. Oh yeah? Do you have a bike?

  3. Not yet. I'm hoping to either get one for my birthday at the end of this month or purchase one in May. But I'm hoping to to get into biking regularly this summer. 🙂

  4. Sounds cool. :)What type of bike you gonna get? Road? Mountain? Price range?

  5. Not really sure yet. The price range is probably 400-800. I need to do some research on bikes. Haha.

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