Tim Freke

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Tim Freke speak at a bookstore in San Rafael.  If you don't know what he's about try watching the following video:

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I knew he'd be good, but what I didn't count on was (a) the personal resonance that I felt because though he is obviously Gnostic he does not identify himself with ancient Gnosticism and (b) the fact that he had the same sorts of mannerisms and passion for what he was talking about as my favorite professor in college.

I found my heart getting all excited like it always does whenever I'm listening to or reading something of incredible value that resonates with my personal experience.  Like Freke, though the history is interesting that is not my focus.  I'd much rather look deeply into the essence of it, and it especially delights me when that essence seems to be shared across multiple religious backgrounds.

I had my trusty camera along with me, and so I was able to take a lot of video to share with people who weren't able to come with me.  Here are the three that were short enough for me to upload to vox, but the rest will be coming soon once they finish uploading to youtube.  I will make another post with links to those videos.

For now:

Oh, I also got a book signed. 🙂

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