Oneness and Love

"And then the second one which is pretty much like the first, as he says, is 'love others as yourself.' Because once you see there is only one self, they are your self. So you're actually meeting yourself in another form, in the separateness.  Now I suspect people here have had that experience.  And it's one of love isn't it?  When you meet yourself through the separateness in another form, it's love.  Because love is how oneness feels.  When you love someone, or when you love a place or thing or anything, it's because you're not separate from it."

-Tim Freke, from this video.

And the great thing is, being not separate from it doesn't seem to have anything to do with physical location…although it helps.  I can be 2500 miles away from someone I love and yet talking on the phone with him, feeling the same things, we can feel completely united, as if there's nothing to separate us.  The Kabbalists call this "equivalency of form", the idea that two things are united/the same not based on physical location but on the fact that they extend from the same spirit and invoke the same feelings.  It's something I've felt many many times, especially while talking on the phone right after this very talk.  🙂

And it makes me feel incredibly happy and full of love.  As if my heart is fluttering about in my chest.  Because love is how oneness and complete unity feel.  And I never want it to end.

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