The human mind is so twisty.  At every turn it's like it's trying to get you.  It will use any taste of sorrow to convince you you're worthless.  It will use any taste of happiness to convince you to go off center to get more.

It's enough to make someone scared to move at all.

But then, ha!  It has won yet again!

Like Ben was saying earlier, we have so much power and we don't even realize it.  I'm thinking about that more.  The ignorance keeps us from being powerful…but the ironic thing is that it does so by trying to make us seek power.  But there is an inherent potency in us that we can only access when we stop seeking it or trying to impose it.

I don't want to just feel happy.  I don't want to focus on a state, or achieving a feeling.  Just as the novice mystic tries to attain enlightenment just for the high of it and then learns the error of this approach…I must not seek happiness. 

What I seek is truth.  And truth is sometimes painful.  But there is no point in avoiding it.

I'm just glad I have someone to hold my hand while I face it for myself.

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