The Fall

Nope, I'm not talking Camus.  I'm talking Tarsem.

Last night I went with a friend of mine to see The Fall, a movie done by Tarsem Singh, the maker of The Cell.  Now, I wasn't a huge fan of The Cell, beautiful movie but weird as hell, and I wasn't really all that good at analyzing movies at the time, so I didn't get much out of it.

For this movie though, I had high hopes.  Why?  It has the same sort of surreal and fantastical look to it, but the story is very straightforward and beautiful.  The real world half of the story may have been a little predictable, but I forgive that because of how emotional it was.  My friend complained of being hit over the head with the message, but I think it really worked.

The movie centers around a little immigrant girl named Alexandria who has fallen and broken her arm and is staying at a hospital.  The movie follows her, and everything is seen basically from her perspective.  By chance she meets a man at the hospital, Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace, who has also fallen and injured himself.  He starts telling her a story about five bandits who are out to kill the evil Governor Odius.  What she doesn't know is that he's using the story to manipulate her into helping him.

The problem is that what he wants to do is kill himself.  Obviously he doesn't tell her that, but all the adults know he is suicidal.  There is a lot of talk of suicide and that's why my friend felt like she was being hit over the head with it.  But the reason I think it worked was because we were supposed to be seeing things through Alexandria.  And when you are a child dealing with issues way to adult for you to comprehend, no amount of hearing about them is going to make you understand.  You're slightly aware of these words and feelings floating around in some space, but it doesn't make sense and you kind of just keep chugging along kind of blindly.

At least, that's how my childhood often felt.

If this had been merely a story of how the light of a child saves the life of a man in despair, it would have been boring.  But it's much more complex than that.  It's almost more about her than it is about him.  I think it was a brilliant movie and was worth going to see.  If you don't get this in time to catch it in theaters, make sure you get a hold of it when it comes out on DVD.

Not to mention, the movie was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, especially the way it wove the real world into the imaginary one with incredible tact and beauty.

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  1. ooh, i want to see this. i like Lee Pace.the trailer, itself, looks gorgeous. can't wait.

  2. Have to see it!

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