Ben and I went looking for chinchillas yesterday.  The pet store we went to…turns out they had one.  She was *adorable* and I got to hold her and she was a million times softer than I thought she would be and I wanted to take her home with me and cuddle her and watch her jump around and take dust baths and hold things in her little hands while she eats them!

The funny thing is that this was the first chinchilla this pet store had ever carried…and they had only gotten her 15 minutes before we arrived! 

It's like we were meant have her. Or not, we seem to just have amazing luck anyway.  Either way, it was really hard to leave without her. 

My parents keep telling me that I wouldn't be able to take care of a chinchilla, or any pet.  I dont' even wash my dishes until things start smelling.  My fish I'd had for 5 years died a couple months ago due to neglect (but to be fair, i took good care of him for 4.5 years just fine).  I don't like feeling not good enough to have a cute adorable snuggly pet like a chinchilla, but looking at the past, they are right.

And it actually really depresses me. A lot. 😦

I wants a chinchillas. :-/

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  1. I dont' even wash my dishes until things start smelling. you can't know how happy it makes me to read that sentence. why do we always feel better when we know that other people are as miserably riddled with shortcomings as we are, ourselves?and kristen? i have a cat that i've taken care of for a lot longer, and i am just as irresponsible (coughlazycough) as you seem to be claiming you are. a chinchilla is not a fish.

  2. You know chinchillas are very delicate, right? I'm not exactly sure you could "cuddle" with it. My mom actually bought my little sister one when she around 10 or so. Well, my little sister picked him up with her hands and, well, crushed his rib cage. The little guy died that night. We had no idea they were so delicate.

  3. I thought it was funny how you said, to be honest, I'd taken good care of him for 4.5 years. Mwah.

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