Magnolia, Minus Frogs [PotD]

The title is a reference.  If you know it, you are cool.

  1. The leaves are so pretty and clean and the colors are vibrant. Magnolias are beautiful and Magnolia with frogs is one of my favorites. (Love Aimee Mann,too!.)

    • Hehe, I was mainly referring the movie, but since the movie was inspired by her music, it’s a win! 🙂

      • I was thought you meant the movie. But I can never think of the movie without thinking of Aimee Mann because I have the soundtrack. And then when I think of Aimee Mann, I think of Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus because I LOVE Static on the Radio which she performs with Jim White who was the tour guide of the south for the BBC folks in Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus.

        But your picture was probably the first bona fide picture of a Magnolia I’ve ever seen. 🙂

        BTW – have you ever heard of Don Cupitt?

  2. I have not, should I?

    • I was looking up quotes the other day and stumbled upon one about Christmas being the Disneyfication of Christianity which fit perfectly with how I was feeling after being at the mall doing my Christmas shopping. Anyway, I thought he was probably a comedian, but turns out he is an Anglican Priest and Professor of Religion at Cambridge. He calls himself a non-realist Christian. I spent a little time digging through his sight the other day and just wondered if you had heard of him. Not sure you should have heard of him – but you usually know about all kinds of people I’ve never heard of so I thought I’d check to see what you knew about him.

      • Hmm, interesting. I’ve never heard of him. Perhaps I’ll investigate. 🙂

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