HDR Workshop

I attended an impromptu HDR workshop in Downtown San Jose on New  Year’s Eve, and these are the results.

HDR is a technique used to increase the contrast/High Dynamic Range of the image.  You take three shots of the same scene, one correctly exposed, and one each 1-2 stops higher and lower.  Then, using the computer you fuse the different exposures together to get a higher range in the photo.  You also get to do some fun stuff with tone-mapping which can really do interesting things to the colors and textures.

Here are my pictures, I’m putting the middle exposure next to the finished HDR picture so you can see the difference.  In particular, look for the greater detail in the very light and very dark areas of the image.

Also, clicking on the image should bring you to a full size picture.

  1. they look great and certainly worth the extra effort.

  2. Sorry I just found this.. These turned out great…

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