Skin Softening Tutorial

A month or so I saw this skin softening tutorial available here.

I just now got around to following the directions, and here are my before and afters.  Let me know if you think they look realistic or overly blurry.  The hope is to make skin slightly more flattering but not overly editted.

Click photos to enlarge them.  It may be that the side by side doesn’t help.  It might be that the reference of the original makes the second one look more fake.  If so, just enlarge the after side and see if it looks genuine enough on its own.

  1. I think the edited photos look great. They don’t have that fake-plastic look like some photos from some magazines out there, coughcoughplayboycough.

  2. The edited photos look good. But personally on the first two, I think the originally photo is much more beautiful and full of character than the edited version. It makes me sad to see the edited version.

    • Yeah, I agree, but my mom doesn’t like pictures of herself. Every time I take one of her she comments on her skin. If I ever decide to do this as a service for people…they want to look polished like that.

      I do totally agree though.

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