Tax Payers Right to Vote Act

Have you noticed the number of ads promoting this proposition? Have you noticed who is the number one supporter?

Yep, PG&E. Doesn’t that make you just a little bit suspicious? They have quite the special interest in effectively eliminating their competition. The proposition is a constitutional amendment that will require a two-thirds majority for a local government to either take over OR buy blocks of power to sell in competition. As we know, competition keeps prices and quality in line.

If this passes, it will be very difficult for local government to have any hand in utilities. Two-thirds is quite a lot. Then there is the cost of running the election and fighting the big pockets that will fund opposition ads.

The only reason I’m coming out against this is because it sounds fishy and there are no ads against it. The right to vote is something people will rally around. It’s a shiny pretty picture for the public…but it’s suspicious if you look any deeper.

    • Michael Barrientos
    • April 21st, 2010

    Prop 17 is kinda bad too… Mercury Insurance is pushing that one:

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