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Cherry Tomato [PotD]

Garden in June, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

My cherry tomatoes are growing and growing! Soon I will be able to eat them! Yum!


Parents [PotD]

While in Chicago, we found and rescued a baby cardinal from certain death.  Then we watched over the next few days as the baby moved around from shrub to shrub, eagerly awaiting mommy and daddy’s return to feed him.

The dad was much better at finding good bugs.


But the mom held her own.


It was awesome to watch.

Saturday, in Pictures

After I got back from teaching martial arts and playing around with interesting fan tricks (weapons training), Ben and I went out for breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  Please do not confuse this with IHOP.  This place is millions of times better.

I had the Dutch Baby, which was accompanied by these goodies.  I didn’t use the syrup.  I dusted the thing in powdered sugar and then bombed the little powdered sugar “cities” with lemon juice.  It makes for quite the yummy pancake.  They also have a killer apple cinnamon pancake, and just about any other yummy thing you can think of.

A side of fresh berries and cream was absolutely necessary.  Look at them!  So yummy!

I was quite happy with my meal, as this photo Ben snapped can show.

After breakfast (which was at 2pm) I strolled over to the library.  They were having a book sale, so I stopped in to check it out.  They were selling books by the inch, so I got a couple really thick ones for about three bucks.  One of which was Bill Moyers discussion of Genesis with a bunch of different people.  Looked interesting.

They had a lovely children’s section at the library.  It was just a branch so there wasn’t much selection overall for books, but when it came to the children’s section, they had just about everything.  Very cool and colorful design.  If I were a kid I’d want to go there often.

I also took photos on my way to and from the library, but I’ll save those for some of the photos of the day!

Washington, DC

Recently went on a trip to DC.  Here's my favorite picture I took.  There are more in my photos section.

In other news, I'm reading PKD's Valis.  Very interesting book.  I am interested to see where it goes.

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Here are some pics I took in Eureka last weekend:


And here is the ring!

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Bugs and Spiders

Lately I have been seeing a *lot* of them.  Here are two prime examples:



I don't even know what kind of bug the second one is, but both of them freak me out.  But yet I can't stop staring at them.  Weird.

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More Pictures from the Rose Garden

We went there again this weekend, so I took more pictures!

Rose Garden 020Rose Garden 024Bronze RoseKimmy's Hairtie

Rose Garden 045Rose Garden 039Stripy Rose!

Sort of Black and WhiteRose Garden 063

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