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Gingerbread, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

The gingerbread house I made with my sister and Ben.


Reflected Light [PotD]

This is my sister on Christmas day.  I had her sit in the shade of the Christmas tree, with the sun shining through the windows on the right.  Then I used a white Christmas box to reflect the sunlight back onto her.  My first experimentation with reflected light!

Heaven’s Clone Troopers [PotD]

Christmas Card [PotD]

Portraits!  This will the first I’ve posted.  My family on Christmas. Yes, I’m in there, on the left. 🙂

Ornamental [PotD]

For Christmas

You know what I want for Christmas?

Compressed Air.

Man, you can never have enough of that stuff.  It's fun and useful too!  And my keyboard needs cleaning…

Yes, I'm a nerd.

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