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Careful [PotD]

IMG_8137, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

One of the reasons I love Muse so much is because their music sweeps you away. The artists themselves often get caught up in the music as well. Here, Matt Bellamy leans back playing a riff, eyes closed. A second later, he’s knocked over that amp and almost fell over from it. 🙂


Glitterati [PotD]

IMG_8116-3, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

Matt Bellamy’s custom made Manson guitars are legendary. This one is known affectionately by fans as the Glitterati.

Chris Wolstenholme [PotD]

IMG_7911-2, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

Muse’s bassist rocking a jam back to back with the drummer while on a rotating platform. Very cool.

Piano [PotD]

IMG_7875-2, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

Bellamy plays a mean piano. And this one’s keys glow, though its hard to see in this picture.

Rocking Out [PotD]

IMG_7789, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme rocking out, and seemingly dodging lasers.

Video of the Day

Muse at Oracle Arena 4/14/10 – Supermassive Black Hole from Kristen M on Vimeo.

I’m not sure if the embed will work.  If not, follow the link.  This is a sample of what the Canon T1i’s 1080p video looks like.  I have more but vimeo only lets you upload one HD video a week for free.  So perhaps there will be a video of the week! 🙂

EDIT: Looks like the embed doesn’t work.  Oh well.  I can’t embed HD anyway, since vimeo restricts that to paid users.  Follow the link!

Matt Bellamy [PotD]

Matt Bellamy of Muse