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Gingerbread, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

The gingerbread house I made with my sister and Ben.


Buddy at Night

Boston and Maine Trip, originally uploaded by kristenmoss.

I don’t do many night shots, mainly because I don’t have an external flash. For this one, used the Lightscoop to bounce the on-camera flash off the garage to the right. I liked that it was still obvious that it was nighttime, yet you get all the detail of him.

I really want an external flash to play with.

Pop Up Flash

Even though I may be a beginner in the photography hobby, I know that using the pop up flash results in horrible pictures.  That knowledge combined with less than spacious room in the budget for camera toys left me with a dilemma.  Do I spend lots of money on an expensive flash unit?  Do I just up my ISO until the picture is full of noise and edit it to death in order to hide it? Or do I resolve never to take pictures in low light?

The answer to inexpensive low light indoor photography has been found.  To be honest, I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself.

Enter the Lightscoop.  A little angled mirror that slides into your hotshoe and reflects your pop up flash up at a ceiling or sideways off a wall and then back at your subject.

It’s cheap, easy, and makes a world of difference.

Here are my results:

See how much more natural the lighting is?  Very nice.  And all for $25 bucks rather than $400.  Of course, you could be even cheaper and make your own for less, but I’m lazy.

The other nice side effect is that people and pets won’t be squinting at the camera to protect against the flash, making not just the lighting, but the facial expressions more natural.

What a nifty little tool!